At Springdale Community Garden, we believe the best food is grown locally and organically. Gardening enhances our quality of life, not only in the food we use for our body's fuel, but in the physical exercise that we get through tending our gardens, the emotional peace of connecting to the Earth, and the spiritual growth of building relationships with the diverse cultures we share within our community. 

We are partnered with Manna Project, a Youth Strategies initiative. Youth Strategies is a local non-profit focused on at-risk teens. Manna Project teens work with community gardeners to learn gardening skills, work ethic, and positive life influences. The partnership has been a growing experience for everyone. For the gardeners, it is a chance to influence the future: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Garden is operated on a volunteer system. What does that mean??? You are asked to volunteer your time toward upkeep of common areas and maintaining our donation garden. In return, you receive your garden plot. - No Charge. Is it worth the sweat equity? Sometimes, it's hot and tiring work. However, we are certain that the first time you take our excess produce to a local food kitchen, you will KNOW that it's worth every second. You do need to be a Springdale resident. 

We are excited about renovations that will be occurring during the Fall/Winter 2015, We will be ready for a productive Spring 2016. Now is the time to get involved. You won't regret it. That first precious vegetable that you harvest will make you a life-long gardener.

​Interested?  We certainly hope you are.                                      for guidelines and application.